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"Fairy Tale Faith" - Book Review

  • Janet Chismar Contributor
  • 2003 4 Jun
"Fairy Tale Faith" - Book Review

Author:      Brenda Waggoner
Publisher:  Tyndale House

Still waiting for your “happily ever after” moment? Don’t despair. It will come, and Brenda Waggoner reminds us in "Fairy Tale Faith" that Jesus is poised to ride in on His white horse and rescue all His chosen ones. But what do you do in the meantime while you face daily struggles, pain and disappointment?

Waggoner does a fantastic job of answering this type of question. Along with providing hope that a happy ending does exist, she dispels harmful distortions about God that often lead to confusion and despair. Then she teaches how to understand broken dreams in light of God’s love.

The pages overflow with encouragement and hope. Waggoner’s training as a counselor lends credibility to her words, but it’s her skillful reliance on Scripture that ultimately makes "Fairy Tale Faith" such a treasure. 

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