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"Finding God Where You Least Expect Him" - Book Review

  • 2003 6 Sep
"Finding God Where You Least Expect Him" - Book Review

Author:       John Fischer
Publisher:   Harvest House Publishers

The sacred vs. secular dichotomy has often kept Christians sequestered and afraid to interact with the “wicked world.” John Fischer’s latest book shatters that notion by suggesting that we can find God in the everyday moments of life — even in (gasp!) a Beatles’ song.

He argues that we should seek God in the world around us, not just above us in the sky-gazing stance of worship or in the seeming safety and ease of a Christian-labeled culture. Fischer proves his point by revealing examples from the Bible such as Jesus’ making wine out of water, befriending tax collectors and creating sacraments out of daily activities. These are the actions of a God who finds holiness in the ordinary, a God who doesn’t differentiate sacred and secular.

While this argument has certainly been made before, the book approaches the subject with incredible originality and thoughtfulness. The writing itself is merely average, but it gets the job done. When all is said and done, readers can forsake the same old, same old and find God where they least expect Him.

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