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Harry Potter's 'Relativism' Dangerous for Youth, Author Says

  • 2006 5 Jan
Harry Potter's 'Relativism' Dangerous for Youth, Author Says

A Catholic sociologist and writer from Bavaria believes "Harry Potter" is a "global long-term project to change the culture" by destroying children's inhibitions against cursing, magic, and occult practices.

British author J.K. Rowling has sold an estimated 300 million copies of her popular series of books on a fictional society of witches and wizards.  The books have also spawned a series of popular and financially successful films.  But Gabriele Kuby, author of the book "Harry Potter:  Good or Evil," believes the "Potter" books and the four subsequent movies are "evil" and that parents should avoid exposing their children to them.

"The confusion of good and evil, which happens in 'Harry Potter' all the time, is dangerous because it's the foundation of what the Pope calls relativism," Kuby explains.  "Relativism means there's no sure criteria for good and evil – and if that is sunk into the soul, it's dangerous."

Kuby is convinced the "Potter" phenomenon is a "mockery of Judeo-Christian truth" and says subjecting young students to "Harry Potter" books in schools is "intolerant."  The author believes the "Potter" series is replete with occult practices as well.

"Any kind of witchcraft, cursing, and so on, is the normal, everyday life in Hogwarts, which is the place Harry and his friends love to be," she says.  "And so the youth of this globe, in fantasy, is getting used to using occult methods to exercise power.  I think this is dangerous."

In 2003, Kuby received a letter from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI – in which he endorsed her book and said the 'Harry Potter' phenomenon is "corrupt[ing] the Christian faith and souls."

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