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Heroes at Home - Book Review

  • Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
  • 2003 17 Jan
<i>Heroes at Home</i> - Book Review

Author:     Ellie Kay
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Heroes at Home:  Help and Hope for America’s Military Families turns a spotlight on a group of people often hidden in the background in our current war against terrorism--the families of military soldiers and officers serving our country.  Spouses and children who support active duty military personnel on the home front make valuable contributions to our national defense because they encourage their loved ones in their work, says author Ellie Kay, the wife of an Air Force pilot and mom to five kids.  They also make significant sacrifices, enduring frequent separations from those they love, moving often, etc.

How great it would be if Kay’s book truly delved into those issues in depth.  Unfortunately, however, the book reads more like a hodgepodge of lists and stories that don’t really fit together than a focused, thorough exploration of America’s military families.  Rather than doing real research it seems, Kay has relied on telling story after story about her own family and throwing in a few profiles of friends and even her own mom.  In one chapter, she profiles a friend in basic Q&A format, essentially publishing her interview notes without even taking the time to write the profile in her own words.  And a significant portion of the book is merely a rehash of the budgeting advice Kay has given in previous books.  Perhaps Kay is too distracted by her brood of children to be devoting the proper amount of time to her writing.

Although Heroes at Home could have been a valuable book for civilian readers as well as military ones, as it is, the book is essentially a guidebook for military families looking for tidbits of wisdom and affirmation crammed together in one volume.