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"Mom's Everything Book for Sons" - Book Review

  • Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
  • 2003 13 Jun
"Mom's Everything Book for Sons" -  Book Review

Author:     Becky Freeman
Publisher: Zondervan

Although society often places more emphasis on the bond between mothers and daughters, the bond between mothers and their sons is just as important.  In fact, boys who enjoy strong relationships with their moms are uniquely well prepared to grow into healthy young men.  So a book that focuses on the undervalued relationship between moms and sons is refreshing.

"Mom’s Everything Book for Sons" explores topics like the male need for female praise, the importance of purpose, and the drive for lifelong learning in its pages.  Each chapter features sidebars that present fun ideas for spending time together or tidbits of information to ponder.  And, at the end of each chapter, readers will find a devotional based on the biblical story of David.  Unlike the rest of the book, which is aimed at mothers, the devotionals are geared toward sons.

Humor writer Becky Freeman brings her warm, engaging style to the narrative while also drawing upon her own parenting experience as the mother of three sons (and one daughter).  She successfully builds rapport with readers throughout the book, but unfortunately, one annoying habit chips away at that.  Numerous times, Freeman plugs books (her own and those written by people she knows), videos and other assorted products.  It happens so frequently that it feels almost like ad placements in the middle of the book.

Despite that, Freeman’s ability to highlight the funny and ridiculous elements of any situation is in full evidence here, and readers may frequently find themselves laughing aloud.  They should also go away with good, solid practical tips they can apply to their relationships with their sons.

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