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Reading Is Believing - Book Review

  • 2002 19 Nov
<i>Reading Is Believing</i> - Book Review

Author:      David S. Cunningham
Publisher:  Brazos Press

In the same way Eugene Peterson’s The Message uses modern language to make Scripture reading more relatable to everyday life, Cunningham provides an intriguing spin on the Apostle’s Creed by using references found in popular literature and film.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of material, including writings by Charles Dickens and Flannery O’Connor and movies as diverse as Dead Man Walking and The End of the Affair, Cunningham argues that these unlikely sources can lead Christians to “a deeper, more precise, and more experiential knowledge of their faith.”

With a helpful introduction to provide framework for the discussion, Reading Is Believing causes readers to examine faith with a different lens that can bring new life to what can sometimes feel like familiar Bible reading.

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