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Sorority Boys

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2002 1 Jan
Sorority Boys
from Film Forum, 03/28/02

Sorority Boys is the latest in a long line of men-in-drag gimmick comedies. It follows the misadventures of three monetarily challenged chauvinists who take advantage of free housing in a sorority. They get away with it only so long as they convince everyone that they're just "some of the gals." Along the way, they learn the error of their chauvinistic ways.

Whatever the lesson, most critics claim that the film "drags" us right into the gutter and never leads us out. John Adair (Preview) says the film "is filled to the brim with sexually suggestive and explicit content. Add excessive foul language to this mixer and Sorority Boys earns a strong failing grade."

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' critic writes, "The lesson of appreciating inner beauty is too little, too late in … M. Wallace Wolodarsky's film, which drags out its flimsy premise while mistakenly relying on monotonous, puerile humor and the sporadic goofiness of the three leads."

Phil Boatwright writes, "I shudder at the thought that there are people who could possibly find laughs viewing this excruciating and often mean-spirited film. Sorority Boys is vulgar, senseless, and nearly devoid of any real examination of the difference between the sexes."

Lindy Beam (Focus on the Family) warns, "If the R-rating isn't enough to make parents put their foot down, let me state it plainly: Sorority Boys is a lewd excuse for a comedy equal to any torture a twisted fraternity hazing committee could think up."

Mainstream critics were equally dismayed. "One element of Sorority Boys is undeniably good, and that is the title," says Ebert. "Pause by the poster on the way into the theater. That will be your high point. I should be a good sport and go along with the joke. But the joke is not funny. Sorority Boys will be the worst movie playing in any multiplex in America this weekend, and, yes, I realize Crossroads is still out there."