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31st Annual Dove Awards - Backstage Quotes

  • 2000 21 Apr
31st Annual Dove Awards - Backstage Quotes
Kathie Lee Gifford (host of the Doves Telecast) - I realized it was 20 years ago that I left gospel music as a profession. They've asked often and I take that as a compliment but I'd look at what was happening in my life and have to say no. This time it was obvious that the Lord was saying "Go."

My greatest accomplishment in life are my kids. I've been nominated for many awards but you go home to your real trophies. It was the perfect job for me with my kids because I was done by 10:30 am. I did a "Touched By An Angel" episode but found such a joy in doing it. Doing Broadway and the new album has kicked my creative juices flowing. I don't know what is in the future but it's nice to be in a position to go where the Lord wants.

It's interesting watching the response to seeing someone leaving a successful situation. It's just they define success different that I do. I've always been very open and candid about my faith. I think that's why I've been a target so much. They don't like someone of faith - it upset them. Any person of faith is a target in this cynical world. I will definitely miss Regis the most. The reason I've stayed for 15 years was Regis. I expected to do two years or so and I signed up year at a time. It was important to me to leave holding my head held high.

{{Michael W. Smith}} (winner of three Doves) - I wore the pin that I was given today at the Columbine service. It wasn't as hard as last year being there for the memorial. I came back with two things: 1) there are a lot of people who have not healed and 2) I need to be on my knees for those people. The Bernalls were not there today. They felt they needed to be away at this time. They're in another country on a mission trip and I'll call them and talk when they return.

Ginny Owens is a rare treasure and amazing. I started crying when they said her name. You try not to make a point that she can't see but she has such an amazing gift when she touches a piano. I'm starting to like the CEO role and you see that you can lend a hand and give someone a platform. I never forgot the first time she played that one song for me ("If You Want Me To") and I started crying. I was ready to sign her for just that one song.

{{Darlene Zschech}} performer - "Shout To The Lord" - We are trying to put the value back on the local church. We come over here about five months of the year and tour through churches especially that Integrity have some contact with. To hear your songs heard throughout the world as well as different languages, it's a great honor but also shows the desire of the heart to draw closer to the Lord.

{{Steven Curtis Chapman}} (now owner of 42 Doves - four this year) - I do remember going to concerts as a kid and see musicians being nice to you. It's a really weird thing. Every year, I have a sense of trepidation but thrilled when you are recognized. I believe that they've had their fill of me and the awards and they will go in another direction.

This album represents a whole new season in my life and I'm pleased to share it with my family. Hopefully, this might prompt others to decide to help another child or two find a loving home. As far as the awards, the first Artist of the Year award was one that sticks out. Lot of tears and the overwhelming feeling was something special. The most important thing, though, is when, like yesterday, someone comes up and told me they'd found Christ when coming to one of my concerts.

{{Third Day}} (Rock Album of the Year) - We don't like to say we are returning to our roots but we're picking up where we left off. Hopefully, maturity is a natural part of your faith. The way we look at things like mercy and God's grace hopefully shows through on this record.

{{SonicFlood}} (Praise & Worship Album of the Year) - We're very, very excited about the new album. It will be very live and uncut and unlike any other praise and worship in the past. It's spontaneous and it's very cool. It has some clips from Europe and our Sonic Praise (once a month). It's great on the Newsboys tour as we're inside a dome and it makes praise and worship very exciting as we're surrounded by people and it fills up with sound. There were a lot of people in their 40's and 50's that grew up loving rock even though you weren't supposed to. Now, they relate to the music in worship. We've been learning that being a worship leader is not just getting people to sing but to be lead worshipper. We need to lead by example. Our desire is to do that every time we're on stage.

{{Ginny Owens}} (New Artist Of The Year) - There's a verse in Galatians 5:1 and for me growing up in the church, I learned the laws and if I didn't achieve all of those standards, I would probably have to do something to get back in God's good graces. The realization that those standards are there for our good and to grow more like Jesus but his death on that cross takes us out from under that law and provides a freedom. I'm not defined by how clumsy I am or what others must think but by the love of Christ. I had no idea - that wasn't supposed to happen. I didn't even know they were announcing the awards there. Sundance Film Festival was such a positive experience. We really prayed over it and people responded with tears and saying they hadn't thought of those Christian things in years.

{{Point of Grace}} (presenters) - We have a CD coming out on Mother's Day and we don't have a regular studio album coming this year. Word thought this would be a novel idea [the new remix & rarities project]]. They are really cool and a little updated. The same vocals are there. The rarities are some songs off our first custom album we did when we were still Say-So. My favorite remix would be "Faith, Hope and Love." We are 100 percent behind the ministry of Mercy Ministries. We just love them and the work they do with girls who need help in so many ways.

{{Sixpence None The Richer}} (Group Of The Year) - For the most part, it's easier being a Christian in the mainstream. It makes it much more of a joy to do music because we know where we're going and put more excitement in doing our music. The hardest thing on the road is making sure that God is in the center and that we keep up with prayer and other things we need to make. The stigma that someone hears "Christian artist" is that your music is something less and automatically shut the door of their minds. But that is slowly changing. We were so busy last year...this was really great tonight. We've been forced into the world and getting to know all kinds of individuals who are not Christians. It does good for people to see Christians doing quality work out in the world. (re: Steve Taylor) We've never seen a man who is so upfront and honest. We try to emulate him.

{{Audio Adrenaline}} (Rock Recorded Song of the Year) - We want to reach out to the church as well as the unsaved. We want to maintain that goal. We're glad {{Sixpence}} wants to reach to the outside world but ours is to remain focused on Christ and support and influence young people in their walk with Christ. We've done 52 shows and have about 18 more. It's been a good tour with {{Riley Armstrong}} and {{Raze}}.

Kurt Warner (St. Louis Rams quarterback) - My job as a role model is a job where Christ put me. While I can affect people on the field, I want to make sure that I can do what I can to affect people off the field. Jeff (Fisher) and I are friends and we compete against each other. We play to win but, off the field, we are to live together as brothers. I would love to play for Jeff sometime if the opportunity arose.

Jeff Fisher (Tennessee Titans coach) - The story of Kurt and what he accomplished is unmatched in the last 10 years or more of the National Football League. He is a special individual and deserving of all he's attained.

{{Anointed}} (Urban Recorded Song of the Year and Contemporary Gospel Album) The presence of God in our concerts is the priority. We don't know the need of those at our concerts but he knows every need. He can reach and minister in ways that we can't. I wouldn't want to do this if He wasn't involved in it. There's no better place to be than in the presence of God. There are so many different places that need revival but it can only happen in the hearts of individual first. Not just in America but across the world. We've been asking God to reveal to us what he wants us to do. It changes as He shows us new things in our life and ministry.

{{Jars of Clay}} (presenters & Modern Rock Song of the Year) - We're excited about our fall tour with {{Jennifer Knapp}}. The title of the new record ==If I Left The Zoo== was a culmination of ideas based on a picture of an elephant that we really loved. We loved the picture and had to have a title to match it. It has had a lot of different meaning to different people including leaving your comfort zone.

Brown Bannister (Producer Of The Year) - Steven (Curtis Chapman) deserves both wings and the bird's nose since he was really a co-producer on the project (==Speechless==). He is involved in every detail. Many artists pick songs, sing it and they're gone. Steven is there for every note played and every part of it. The diversity in the music tonight is exciting. Was just talking to {{Raze}} and they have a passion to reach junior high school kids. They won't sell gold records or get a lot of recognition but they have a mission and they want to really reach kids. Working right now with {{Michael English}}, Rachael Lampa, new {{Avalon}} studio record, doing a Max Lucado project based on his book. The projects mostly select me. I have five kids and facing college for two of them so I try to work on a couple of high-profile records so I can support them. I have to have a heart connection with an artist and, if I don't, I can't do the project.

{{Jaci Velasquez}} (Spanish Language Album of the Year for ==Llegar A Ti== & Female Vocalist of the Year) - To me, this was one of the most important things to me. Doing a Spanish album is hard especially when you don't speak very good Spanish. I took some time off and it's really weird to be under that type of label where they do limos and fly you first class. Sony took good care of me and I had to go through and figure out why I'm doing this. It's not about the money or the fame - this is my ministry. I truly believe that the Spanish area is my mission field and I feel very honored that the Spanish/Latin market has taken and embraced me in their arms. I feel blessed to be able to sing to my own people. My life belongs to labels now. I'm doing an English project now and will do another Spanish project as soon as it is done. Yes, some of the Spanish sounds will come into the flavor of the album but I want to be true to the pop fans in the English market.

{{Fred Hammond}} (Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song for "Power" from Prince of Egypt-Inspirational project) - The whole {{Prince of Egypt}} experience was wonderful. I'm not one big for awards and did not come here to win one but we were nominated for nine. They put us in a big theatre with all the popcorn and Snickers you can eat. Part of it was just stick figures when we saw it. It would jump back into full animation. It really helped us write the song. It was bomb. The song was created after seeing the parting of the Red Sea and that's where "Power" came from.

{{Phil Keaggy}} (Instrumental Album of the Year for ==Majesty & Wonder== of Christmas) - It's a great feeling. To have an Artisan label is super. Word has great vision for it and they know that there are artists who have an instrumental side, bluesy side, jazz sides, and other sides. They are making an opportunity for me to be creative as often as I like and they have given me a platform. This project was a more 90's project unlike ==Wind In The Wheat== which had an 80's field. I went down to do a Christmas album for the Unison label but they never put it out. It had all of these songs that were recorded in my basement. I was done with the project and then we turned it over to Dave. We took out the fun songs and turned it into a serious Christmas project.

{{Vestal Goodman}} (Country Song of the Year with George Jones from the Vestals and Friends project) - I was the first woman to win an award back when the first Doves were given away. It (the project) was so much fun and so wonderful having such great people to work with. This award is for George Jones and me. He's the sweetest man. Dolly and I knew each other for a long time. Planning on a new duet album with CeCe Winans, Reba McEntire, Gaither Vocal Band, The Martins among others.

{{Brent Bourgeois}} and Loren Balman (==Streams== - Special Event Album) - First of all, the artists had to connect with the idea of what we were doing. They all connected to the concept of a healing record. (re: pairing with Delirious with Amy Grant) We had talked to each of them separately about doing something on the project and Brent told me that they were such great fans of Amy so we asked them and Amy immediately said 'Yes.' We had some unique pairings throughout. (re: favorite song) The best representation about being a human being on earth and we thought of Job. We asked Cindy (Morgan) and she came up with great song and that's why it started the record.

{{Clay Crosse}} (Inspirational Recorded Song Of The Year) - Performed the song with whoever was with me at the time. People think of it just as a male trio and it worked out with a woman. I truly feel it is anointed and being able to be a part of it was special. I just wanted to be a singer and never thought I would be a part of writing. I've had a rebirth and can't go out and not have it as being a true part of me.

Plus One (performers in pre-telecast) - People say we're the new boy band but we're happy to be able to share our message. We haven't had the outside contact with concerts yet. Plus One reminds us that God is always with us. We are trying to reach anyone who will listen with the Good News of Christ. The overall theme of our album is the message of hope. Everyone has been through hard times and, hopefully, people will find hope through the words.

by Barry Smades for the Music Channel at crosswalk.com