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Circadian Rhythm -- Over Under Everything

  • Matthew Turner Music and Entertainment Editor
  • 2001 10 Apr
Circadian Rhythm -- Over Under Everything
Circadian Rhythm Over Under Everything -- Much of today's worship music concentrates so emphatically on the lyrical content that the instrumentation and production are overlooked. This is not the case with 40 Records band Circadian Rhythm and their album, Over Under Everything. The opening song Beautiful Savior is a one-song revolution for the worship scene. Oh, if every song could be this good. The album is full of surprises. Musical breaks, heart convicting lyrics and easily identifiable melodies are the core components that make Over Under Everything such a powerful worship presentation. Something Glorious is a song about the simple things becoming beautiful praises before God. The vocals on this song are angelic. Circadian Rhythm also does an inspiring rendition of the U2 song Gloria. Look for this album to help educate Christian society on the direction of modern worship.

In a phrase: Not everyone will understand their name ... but they will get their message.

Grade: A-