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  • 2000 24 Feb
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God was actually talked about, rather than just thanked, at this year's Grammy Awards, handed out Wednesday night February 23, 2000. During her opening monologue, hostess Rosie O'Donnell sent out a message to all the winners that she "talked to God backstage, and He says, 'You're welcome.'" Obviously a reference to people who thank God for their awards, her comment lead many of the winners to refer back to it during their acceptance speeches, including TLC, Sting, and Whitney Houston. TLC, who won two awards for their R&B/Urban project, FANMAIL, one-upped Rosie by saying that they also ran into God backstage and "He said 'Don't forget to thank Me.'"

Rosie came out a little later in the telecast and appealed to the obviously "thankful" winners by saying that she didn't have anything against thanking God, but that she can't imagine God up in Heaven thinking, "I've got to find a way to bring about world peace, end hunger, and make sure Whitney Houston gets a Grammy." touché

I've got to side with Rosie on that one, although just thanking God doesn't necessarily imply a belief that God is responsible for the win.

God longs to be thanked and given credit for the good things that happen to us. Getting a raise, eating a good meal, or even winning a Grammy are things that are probably not going to make much of a difference in the span of eternity. But thanking God for all that we receive will keep us in the position of receiver, and God as the Giver.

I've thought this about the Christian music industry many times. At parties given for #1 radio singles or GOLD album celebrations, God is continually given thanks for His blessings. Everybody works really hard to make sure a project succeeds and then God is thanked. I can't help but think about people who never reach the top ten, or the artists that are dropped from their labels for not selling enough, or even the marriages that have suffered because somebody worked long hours in the office trying to get a project to really explode. How easy is it to give thanks to God in those instances? Are God's blessings actually manifested in ways that are visible and applauded? Or could we possibly be extremely messed up in our thinking about how God operates?

With the Dove Awards quickly approaching I'm wondering if there may be some creative ways that we could accept our awards, so we don't look like we're just a sub-division of the world. It's almost too easy for us to get up on stage and accept our awards, thanking God and our agents, but still feeling inside like the affirmation you get from people through an award is a sign that God applauds what you're doing. who DID win?

Guitar-legend Carlos Santana emerged as the big winner of the evening, tying the record for most Grammys received in one night, with eight trophies, including the three major awards for Album, Record and Song of the Year. Santana's SUPERNATURAL project has become his biggest seller to date throughout a career that has spanned over thirty years. TLC, Dixie Chicks, Sting, Eminem, and Shania Twain all emerged as double Grammy winners. In a battle of teen-pop princesses, Christina Aguilera surprisingly took the crown for New Artist away from Britney Spears, who appeared to be a shoe-in.

-Did Rosie seem overly caustic in her humor? She came across more mean, than funny.
-Why must everyone who performs do two songs with a costume change? "Here's my hit, and NOW my new single!" Do we as an audience get bored that quickly that we can't even make it through one song any longer?
-Did anyone think that the amazing jazz vocalist Diana Krall looks A LOT like Nichole Nordeman?
-Oddest dancers: TLC's rhythmic gymnasts, and both Britney's dancing flowers & soldier puppets. WEIRD!
-Highlight of the show: NARAS President Michael Greene presenting stunning performances by teen musicians. "This is what it's all about folks. We must nourish this gift in our children," He encouraged. Very powerful!

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