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Diversity and Controversy Shake Up Stockholm Syndrome

  • 2009 6 Oct
Diversity and Controversy Shake Up <i>Stockholm Syndrome</i>

Artist:  Derek Webb
Title:  Stockholm Syndrome
Label:  INO Records

Inorganic innovations …

If there's anything consistent in Derek Webb's career thus far, it's his ability to speak from the heart and occasionally create controversy in the process. His latest solo CD Stockholm Syndrome was actually delayed on several occasions due to a cuss word that's since been edited out on the retail edition, though even on less explicit tunes, there's still a prodding for Christians to shake off all webs (no pun intended) of complacency.

While the incredibly candid lyrical expositions follow in Webb's signature style, anyone who approaches this project hoping for the folksy, organic instrumentation of yesteryear is bound to be disappointed, but pleasantly surprised nonetheless. Instead, they're met with everything from Roaring Twenties jazz to ‘50s-era doo-wop and even some hints of modern dance, disco and old school soul (and it's all seriously authentic, as strange as that may sound).

Electronic pulsations permeate "I Love/Hate You," club-infused dance grooves tip off "Jena and Jimmy" à la Justin Timberlake and loop-enhanced acoustic guitars permeate "Heaven." The departure may appear to be radical, but it works in all cases given Webb's continued credibility as an artist of many interests, not to mention status as one of Christian music's most respected poets.

The tunesmith tackles topics as diverse as race, politics and sexuality, all wound around an unmistakable spiritual foundation that may push buttons for more conservative listeners, but are likely to make listeners of any faith background do some serious soul searching.

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**This review first published on October 6, 2009.