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Leeland Heads Toward Worship on Opposite Way

  • 2008 29 Feb
Leeland Heads Toward Worship on <i>Opposite Way</i>

Artist:  Leeland
Title:  Opposite Way
Label:  Essential

Listening to Leeland’s Opposite Way, it’s hard to choose which stands out most:  front-man Leeland Mooring’s unhampered vocal; the band’s strong collective songwriting; or the blasts of energy from beginning to end. Utilizing the talent ambitiously, producer Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia) guides the men of Leeland over the sophomore slump to a stellar second release.

After selling more than 100,000 copies of its 2006 debut, and garnering GRAMMY and Dove Award nominations, Leeland could have easily cozied up with more accommodating subject matter attempting a Top 40 break-in, a typical route for a band with such mainstream musical sensibility. Instead, taking a lead from the album’s title track, the rock quintet solidifies its firm worship element with a call to live out authenticated faith

A list of obvious influences marks Opposite Way, but none overt enough to warrant a distinguished comparison. In fact, it’s rare for something so accessible to be quite so advanced. Specific lyrically and progressive musically, Opposite Way is effective top to bottom.  Leeland may be a young band, but they possess the raw talent and energy to create something truly original for this industry.

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