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Millennium Chorus

  • 2000 13 Jan
Millennium Chorus

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of a majestic new recording!

The story of Jesus Christ has been called the greatest story ever told. The Millennium Chorus is a musical and visual journey through twelve magnificent songs inspired by His life and message - "the greatest story ever sung."

It is written by English songwriter Graham Kendrick (creator of March for Jesus and writer of Shine Jesus Shine) and performed by award winning artists such as Michael Crawford, Jennifer Holliday and Máire Brennan, Kathie Lee Gifford, Michael W. Smith and Shirley Caesar, together with a host of other stars.

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To The King Eternal
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Borrowing influences from pop to celtic, soul/gospel to musical theater, world music to choral epic, the production not only stimulates the senses and stirs the soul, but is an experience of hope.

The Millennium Chorus will help focus the eyes of people all over the world on the needs of others and provide, through royalties from every Millennium Chorus album sold throughout the world, financial support to the charities to which each song has been dedicated.

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Throughout the year 2000, The Millennium Chorus will be performed by local choirs, schools, community groups and churches using printed music resources, backing tracks, tapes and CD.

The Millennium Chorus album is now available on CD and tape, and the full unedited TV special is also available on home video and DVD.

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The rich music of The Millennium Chorus takes the listener on a journey of hope as they hear "the greatest story ever sung". From the opening images of the cosmos in its pristine beauty, the music evokes themes of hope and fear, time, destiny, children, comfort and certainty. All are interwoven with the life and teaching of Jesus.

The sounds and imagery of children around the world are featured in the telecasts and the home video/DVD, for the new millennium belongs to them more than anyone else.

"The plight of children today gives us the most telling measure of the values we live by, and I hope that these songs will inspire action for change." - Graham Kendrick, composer of The Millennium Chorus

The Millennium Chorus features the following songs and artists:

This Is The Year - Jennifer Holliday
Once Upon A Universe - Kathie Lee Gifford
How Still How Silent - Michael Crawford
Treasures In The Darkness - Bob Carlisle
Never Heard Anyone - Shirley Caesar & Darwin Hobbs
Anno Domini - World Choir
To The King Eternal - Michael W Smith
No Scenes Of Stately Majesty - Máire Brennan
No Need To Fear - Wintley Phipps
Morning Star - American Boychoir
I Kneel Down - Graham Kendrick
Amazing Grace - SDASA Chorale
Finale - American Boychoir & Soloists: Kathie Lee Gifford, Michael W Smith and Jennifer Holliday

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