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Natalie Grant --Stronger

  • 2001 15 Jun
Natalie Grant --Stronger


ALBUM: Stronger
ARTIST: Natalie Grant
IN A PHRASE: Natalie Grant is back with a sophomore project that will knock your socks off!

Rarely do I get an album that stays in my CD player and plays for hours on end. Well, I've found one of those albums in the pre-release of Natalie Grant's new project, Stronger. The album releases on Tuesday, June 12. And to show you how much I like this album, I'm going to take it track by track.

What Other Man - A great opener for Natalie. Somewhat reminiscent of her debut album.

Keep On Shining - First single from the record. Very radio friendly.

Whenever You Need Somebody - All the Plus One fans out there will buy this CD just for this track. One of Stronger's best!

Anything - I think Natalie got a few pointers from Stacie O. and ZOEgirl on this one! Definitely my personal favorite!

If The World Lost All Its Love - Revised lyrics were written by Dino Elefante. Took my breath away. Clearly destined to become a Natalie signature.

Finally Home - An inspiring lyric written by Cindy Morgan. A true testament to God's never-ending grace. We can always come back home.

There's so much more I could say, but I'm going to let you draw your own conclusions.
So, my final word ...

Don't miss this album. Beyond any doubt in my mind, you will be inspired and blessed by Natalie Grant's Stronger.

Until Next Time ...

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