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Cindy Morgan -- Elementary

  • 2001 16 Jul
Cindy Morgan -- <I>Elementary</I>

Brown curls cascading to her shoulders, eyes alight with mystery and flare, a body stance reflecting attitude and grace on the cover of her new album Elementary, Cindy Morgan portrays a most contemporary pop artist -- but her music tends to differ.

A cross between Sheryl Crow and Amy Grant, Cindy sings a light-hearted mixture of soft tunes and simple, happy messages. Songs such as Grape Soda, Sunshine and Happy remind me of a warm summer's day just driving down the road and quietly breathing in God's creation. Much of the CD has a jazzy backdrop and "happy-go-lucky" feel that brings on a sense of rest and relaxation. I could imagine listening to this CD with a tall glass of lemonade as I lounge around the house, trying to "release the stress" from everyday affairs.

A few different turns in the CD came in the song I Love You, when she sings in a Natalie Cole style with a saxophone humming in the back and words such as, "I love you, yes I do ... ba, da, ba, da, de, da."  

Cindy's album is one that I could definitely listen to while soaking in the bathtub or turn on while I'm rocking slowly on my porch swing.  But I recommend this only for those who enjoy a slower pace and nice basic messages such as, "The world needs your love." 

My first impression of Cindy's look and style was of a rockin', be-boppin', crazy music lovin', fast-pace kind of girl. But once inside the cover, I soon realized that first impressions never tell the whole story.

Overall: "Cindy's album sent me into a dream land of  'drinking in that sweet sunshine.' I longed to sip a 'grape soda,' take a 'walk in the rain" and let the world drift away ... total veggin' music."

Grade: B-

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