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David Crowder Band: Praise From Waco, Texas

  • 2002 13 Feb
David Crowder Band: Praise From Waco, Texas

David Crowder Band
Can You Hear Us?
Six Step Records

David Crowder has something good going on musically at his Waco, Texas, church. Serving as music minister of University Baptist Church, Crowder, along with his five-member band, regularly plays for 1,000 college students each week. The band's Can You Hear Us? is an obvious extension of what's happening within the walls of this young, Spirit-filled place. The music the sextet makes will especially appeal to older teenagers and 20-somethings who seek out modern praise and worship.

Guitars and drums are given the spotlight on Can You Hear Us?. Crowder's voice, meanwhile, blends well with the music. Both have elements of European etherealness.

On I Need Words you can hear crickets in the background, giving the listener the sense that it's just Crowder and his guitar on a back porch, singing to the Lord.

All Creatures has an organic, other-worldly feel to it, making the classic hymn more relevant to younger listeners seeking a reinterpreted version of the song. Crowder excels at this sort of thing.

When he's not rocking out on original songs like the radio-friendly Our Love Is Loud, he and his band are reinterpreting hits written by Martin Smith of Delirious (Obsession), Sinead O'Connor (Thank You) and Matt Redman (Undignified).

Can You Hear Us? manages to maintain a fine balance between heartfelt ballads and pumped-up, energetic rock with a modern, almost European flair. Oftentimes lyrics are repeated over and over, encouraging the listener to sing along. Can You Hear Us? is a good example of what God is doing among young believers interested in singing His praises.

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