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Deyo Steps Out With Saturate

  • 2002 19 Feb
Deyo Steps Out With <I>Saturate</I>
ALBUM: Saturate
ARTIST: Jeff Deyo
IN A PHRASE: Former front man for SONICFLOOd, Jeff Deyo, returns on Gotee Records with a solo record that is not to be missed.

After the unexpected changes in the modern worship band SONICFLOOd, many questions and rumors began circling. But the one that always came to the vanguard was, "Where's Jeff Deyo?"

His simple answer, in an interview I did last year with him, was, "I just re-signed officially with Gotee. SONICFLOOd has been released by Gotee. [They] don't want to work with them any longer."

That didn't answer all the questions, but his new solo record, Saturate, does. Jeff believes Saturate should have been "the second SONICFLOOd record."

But Saturate is not completely a solo project. Jeff brought a very talented group of guys together to be his band for the record.

Things kick off, musically, with two of the CD's best tracks: a remake of the classic More Love, More Power, which includes an appearance by one of Gotee's founders, dc Talk front man, Toby McKeehan; and the guitar-driven track, Let It Flow, which encourages us to allow the power of God to flow through our everyday lives.

An unexpected rock remake of the Hillsongs' I Give You My Heart lets the band take the lead over Jeff's vocals in a surprising yet smart way.

Let Me Burn, one of the album's most memorable tracks, incorporates strings and methodic drum beats to create a passionate musical and vocal offering.

I'd Rather Have Jesus, a favorite at Billy Graham crusades, has a unique overture that deserves a listen.

Rebecca St. James offers guest vocals on Sing To You, a perfect ending for this album.

My final word...

Will Jeff be able to tread through the misconceptions and questions? If this record's a sign, it's a good one that he can!

Until Next Time...
The J Man