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Inspired Writing Infuses The Eleventh Hour

  • 2002 12 Feb
Inspired Writing Infuses <I>The Eleventh Hour</I>
ALBUM: The Eleventh Hour
ARTIST: Jars of Clay
IN A PHRASE: Quite possibly Jars' best!

Dan, Steve, Matt and Charlie return in The Eleventh Hour after escaping the flood and enduring crazy times that involved an elephant and a zoo.

Although the band has had mainstream success, it hasn't abandoned its Christian lyrics.jars justin

The Eleventh Hour is possibly more God-influenced than any of the band's previous efforts, as evidenced by two of the albums best tracks, I Need You and Revolution, which could be the band's next Flood.

I Need You has been on the "writing" board since Jars' sophomore project, Much Afraid. The band says that, much like Love Song for a Savior, they simply "wanted to write something about [their] unquenchable lifelong desire for God" with I Need You.

Fly, a moving tribute to the love between a man and woman who spend most of their married life in the hospital, is filled with the hope of everlasting love and life.

Silence is questioning and contemplative, probing God's existence in a faithless world.

Possibly the "most confrontational song" the band says it has ever written, Whatever She Wants takes on the subject of co-dependency and how it can suck the life out of relationships.

Inspired writing makes the title track the best lyric on the record.

My final word...

In previous Jars efforts, you could walk away with at least one song that stays on your mind. With this album, the whole package is hard to forget.

Until Next Time...
The J Man