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PFR -- Dissapear

  • Matthew Turner Music and Entertainment Editor
  • 2001 9 Jul
PFR -- <i>Dissapear</i>
ALBUM: Disappear

After a four-year hiatus, PFR returns with fresh tunes, insightful lyrics, and the PFR sound we've all been missing. They've released a great comeback, destined to be a winner in Disappear.

So, as I sit at my computer, jammin' to an old, familiar sound, allow me to let you in on my thoughts as I put out "The Hit List"!

Amsterdam - The perfect opener. Lyrics portray a life looking toward the future in the surroundings of a new life in Christ.

All Ready - One of my favorites! A testament to being ready to go when your time comes.

Missing Love - Radio-friendly ballad. Good pick for a first single.

Even A Whisper - Great PFR tune! The lyric and beat remind me of the good ol' days!

Falling - The guitar grooves made famous by Joel and Patrick ring through on this destined-to-be favorite.

PFR's debut on Squint Entertainment brings back the well-loved sound with new purpose-driven lyrics that have made PFR who they are.

For my final word, I'll take a quote from their bio:

"Often imitated, but never duplicated, PFR returns to claim their rightful place as one of the industry's premier bands."

In my opinion, they've done just that with Disappear.

Until Next Time ...
The J Man

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