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Stay - Music Review

  • 2002 17 Sep
<i>Stay</i> - Music Review

Newcomer Jeremy Camp arrives with a debut disc that, while disarmingly accessible, is unexpectedly rich with hard-won wisdom of a faith that sustains in the face of difficulty and loss.  Writing from the troubadour-meets-worship-leader tradition, Camp rocks with a temerity and passion that matches his lyrical commitments.

Written in the context of ministry with young people and his own life-changing experience of marriage to a woman with cancer and her subsequent death, Camp celebrates God’s presence “Right Here” in our suffering.  We grow in our “Understanding” when we learn to “Stay” in a situation long enough for God’s light to shine in our darkness.  No matter how hard it seems, Camp takes it “One Day at a Time” and finds that there’s plenty to thank and worship God for, when we “Walk by Faith.”

Camp’s deep voice has resonance, reminding one of Third Day, while the punchy pop/rock arrangements work out a territory on a continuum between guitar bands like Matchbox Twenty and Creed.  Camp’s vocals dig deep to give words the emotions that make his music matter.  He’s mastered the hard task of taking the personal and giving it universal meaning.

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