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Steven Curtis Chapman - Speechless Coverage Page

  • 1999 3 Jun
Steven Curtis Chapman - Speechless Coverage Page

It took him a while to come up with something to say And now he's back. Steven Curtis Chapman has recently released {{Speechless}}, an album that, without a doubt, seals him as perhaps the most musically and spiritually focused artist around. He has been loved for how he's able to encourage and inspire, but now he steps further into the realms of worship, submission, and sincerity. This project is also on track to becoming his best-selling album to date!

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Did you submit a question for Steven to answer? Thank you for the tremendous response we received. We have selected ten questions out of all that were submitted by visitors to the Music Channel at Steven has taken the time to individually answer each question and we've got his responses right here! We'll be sending prizes to those who submitted the questions chosen.

Special thanks to Melissa Banek at Steven's office for helping to get the planets lined up just right to make this happen!

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Here's what Steven found to say about your questions

Jennifer Mathews- 25, Colorado Springs, CO asked:

What is the primary life lesson that God was speaking to you during the recording of the new album?

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Jenny Kroft- 53, Anchor Point, AK asked:

Regarding your song "Whatever" on the Speechless albumif God said, ok Steven, that's enough poetry and music for now, there's something else I want from youwhat else would you have to offer Him?

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Christen McCustion- 14, Rockwood, TN asked:

What was the hardest song emotionally for you to write?

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Valerie, 16 asked:

Why did you write a song for your daughter, Emily?

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Larry Parker- 29, Richmond, IN asked:

With the success you have attained, how do you keep from letting pride sneak up on you?

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Jinny Kim- 19, Paramus, NJ asked:

Steven, how do you formulate melodies? Do you listen to other songs or do you labor over your guitar to find catchy tunes, or are they anointings from God?

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Pastor Rob McQueary- 28, Phoenix, AZ asked:

Was it by coincidence that the title cut and Acts 9 have the following words regarding Paul's conversion in common: astonished, amazed, speechless?

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Heather Erickson- 27, Eden Prairie, MN asked:

Regarding the song "The Change"how would you encourage somebody who has the Jesus bumper stickers and the t-shirts to make the change into a deeper level of grace, forgiveness, etc.

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Eric Watne- 30, Omaha, NE asked:

How has your perspective on being an artist changed over the years? Have you found yourself accepting different levels of responsibility in your ministry at different times in your career?

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Cherish Sears- Nashville, TN asked:

Steven, I know you are an avid reader. What one book would you recommend as a Christian's "must read?" (Not including, of course, your book, "Speechless")

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