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Story Behind the Song:

  • 2002 18 Sep
Story Behind the Song:

Whether it’s the unexpected death of a family member, extreme financial difficulties or something as petty as getting a flat tire in the middle of the freeway, it’s often hard to hang on to God’s hope when life is throwing too many curves your way.  And if our personal testimonies weren’t evidence enough, a glance at the headlines in the newspaper will provide further insight on situations when bad things happen to good people.  Unfortunately as Christians, the struggle to figure out why God allows these things to happen can often lead us down a path that doesn’t provide many palatable answers.

Drawing inspiration from a sermon about his Old Testament biblical hero Job, who wrestled with more than his share of “when God doesn’t make sense” scenarios, David Crowder penned the poignant words of “My Hope.”

In his ministry to college students, Crowder finds that Job’s story is the perfect segue to addressing the often-controversial topic.  “It’s a huge conversation piece for people who are trying to find out how faith works,” Crowder explains.  “My belief is that if the Christian faith doesn’t work in moments when life presses in, that’s completely saying that reality is something other than God’s presence, and a good God would surely only allow good stuff.  And yet, life constantly says otherwise.”

However, despite the lack of concrete understanding, Crowder believes it’s this constant tension that makes Christianity unique.  “We have people like Job, who in the middle of absolute strife can say ‘Though demons may slay me, I trust You.’  These are the things that are just mind boggling,” Crowder muses.  “And yet, there’s this reality that we as Christians experience that God is present, and that every moment is in His gaze…and that’s a very comforting fact.”