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What Job Title Would You Like to Have?

  • 2008 28 Feb
What Job Title Would You Like to Have?
In filling out vendor, banking, and credit forms, there always comes the line where I have to fill in my company title. I’m not particularly fond of President, CEO or head honcho, so I normally put Creative Thinker. That’s a title I feel good about.

Recently I’ve seen an increase in interesting titles from a wide variety of companies. It appears others are looking for titles that are more appealing than administrative assistant, accountant, teller or vice president.

Here are some I’ve seen recently:

Persuasion Architect, Shrinkage Manager, Marketing Maven, Software Evangelist, Burger Engineer, Chief Environmental Officer, and Chief Emotional Officer.

I saw this one in Fast Company. Tim Cleaver, with Amazing Online Magazine, calls himself Slave Boy. Cleaver is at the beck and call of everyone from designers to senior project managers. So he has given himself a new title. Will he put “Slave Boy” on his resume? “Sure. If a company doesn’t want to hire me because I used to have a goofy title, I probably don’t want to work there anyway.”

I resist using the Department of Labor’s “Dictionary of Occupational Titles” for mature adults looking for new careers. Most are pretty traditional – but in checking there I see even the government is getting up to speed in recognizing some unusual titles. Here are just a few – I am not making any of these up:

Ear Muff Assembler, Ecclesiastical Art Metal Worker, Drawstring Knotter, Dope Mixer, Doorshaker, Doll Eye Setter, Dinkey Operator, Brain Picker, Asparagus Sorter, Head Switcher, Toe Pounder, Umbrella Tipper, and of course Easter Bunny.

They are listed in the 660 pages of DOL job titles. You can check them out yourself at:

U.S. Department of Labor Dictionary of Occupational Titles 

These are more creative than I could make up. So, obviously, you can give yourself most any title. What would you like your title to be this next year?