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What about Socialization?

  • Mike Farris, Esq. President of Patrick Henry College
  • 2001 8 Jul
What about Socialization?


Mike Farris addresses a mother's question about the socialization of her daughter.

From a mother ...

My daughter is going to be three the end of July. I want to home school her. I have already started teaching her the basics. She knows most of her colors and shapes, and she can count to 10 and sing the alphabet song. I am also trying to teach her Bible stories. My question about home schooling is this: She is very outgoing and loves to be with other children. I am concerned about her social life and have thought much about Christian schools. I feel home schooling is best, but what about her social life?

Mike responds ...

My 12-year-old son was at the dinner table tonight with his 15-year- old friend. Our 9-year-old son ate dinner at the neighbor's house - they have a 7-year-old boy. Our three daughters (16, 14, 11) all played softball on community league teams this year. The 9-year-old also played violin at a recital last Saturday afternoon, right after one of the softball games. Two of the boys (12 and 7) participate in soccer right now. Oh yeah, there was also Awana and Boy Scouts.

This fall will be our 19th year of home schooling, and our children (including our three grown and married daughters) all are doing well socially.

Most importantly, while our family may be unusual in terms of its size, it is not unusual in terms of the social interaction that kids need. The vast majority of home schoolers are fully engaged in community and neighborhood life.

Socialization does not mean just getting along with those who are exactly your same age. Note that both of our sons' friends were at least two years different from their own ages. That is a rarity among children who spend a great deal of time in an age-segregated atmosphere.

Home-school socialization is more like real life than institutional
schooling. Do adults live in herds segregated by narrow age groupings?

Your child will be fine socially. A parent as engaged as you are will
ensure that your daughter will have plenty of activity in the neighborhood, as well as in organized sports, art, dance, or church activities.

It'll be great. Trust me.


Mike Farris

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