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Great Stuff II - New Favorites!! (Part 3)

  • David and Laurie Callihan Authors
  • 2001 18 Jun
Great Stuff II - New Favorites!! (Part 3)

Great Stuff II - New Favorites! (Part 1) 

Great Stuff II - New Favorites!! (Part 2)

Many of you know and love our fellow Crosswalk.com columnist and chatter, Terri Camp. Terri is the author of Ignite the Fire, a manual for keeping the love for learning aflame in your children. We highly recommend this book for use by those families who want to inspire their elementary-age children (in particular) to love learning. Terri provides encouragement, practical ideas, and examples for you to put a little spark in your home school.

We were pleased to meet Jay Wile at the Washington state convention (my, we did travel a lot this year) in March. If you have secondary students, you have probably seen the Apologia line of science textbooks written by Jay. We picked up a copy of Exploring God’s Creation Biology on CD-ROM, which we really love. Not only does this CD-ROM contain all of the text, quizzes, and tests in the curriculum, it also has some video features. We especially liked this for our not-so-book-crazy child. The CD looks so small and harmless, yet contains all the same stuff! Go to www.highschoolscience.com for more information.

In Maine (we should have made this a geography lesson), we got to know Joyce Herzog. We really like Joyce’s new book, Choosing and Using Curriculum. Joyce has lots of experience writing and reviewing curriculum for special needs children, but we found this new edition an excellent resource for any home school. Our favorite feature is her explanation of the various learning styles of children, and the various teaching and home-school styles of parents. In light of these styles, Joyce makes curriculum suggestions based on her vast experience. You can find out more at www.joyceherzog.com.

Also in Washington state, we got to meet Cathy Duffy (of the famed Cathy Duffy curriculum manuals!). She is a board member of one of our new favorites in organizations - Alliance for the Separation of School and State. We would encourage home-school families to learn more about this organization at www.sepschool.org and to sign their on-line proclamation!

A Web site that has really earned a spot in our “great stuff” is www.collegeboard.com. This site has a load of information on the SAT college board exams, CLEP exams, college financial aid, and lots more for the college bound. And for information on the ACT exam, go to www.act.org.

Well, finally, a couple of books to help Mom survive! Jill Bond’s Mega Cooking (www.megacooking.com) and The Freezer Cooking Manual by Tara Wohlenhaus and Nanci Slagle of the 30-Day Gourmet (www.30daygourmet.com) give some great ideas for turning the daily cooking insanity (at least it is at my house) into a manageable operation. Every home-school mom should give this a try -- we have done the once-a-month or mega-cooking thing several times with great success.

We hope these tidbits will be helpful to you as you plan for this year to be your family’s best learning year ever!

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