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Don't Backtalk Me!

  • 2004 10 May
Don't Backtalk Me!

I was enjoying my meal in Wendy's when a young boy's voice loudly penetrated the air with these words, "I'm not gonna eat this junk. Take me somewhere else." The parents of this little terror soon revealed his problem - THEM!!! They told him to sit quietly while they finished their meal and then they would take him anywhere he wanted to eat. This did not meet with his approval and soon the air was filled with embarrassing statements. In response, the parents took no disciplinary measures and only promised him more rewards for being quiet.

This was an obvious case of poor parenting. Parents who allow their children to talk back are more embarrassing than the children themselves. To help keep from facing a similar embarrassing scenario, here are several helpful hints:
• Discipline privately and quickly. Do not wait or you'll probably let it go.
• Point out to your child his wrongdoing. Be specific and use it as an opportunity to teach.
• Share with your child how you were or weren't disciplined or backtalking and how it affected your life.
• Explain how Christ disciplines us for our actions that are contrary to His will.
• Believe in the child and give him another opportunity.

Isaiah 45:9 records a strong announcement from God. "Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker." To quarrel is to contradict, or in a sense, to backtalk God.

"Woe" means that God's discipline is inevitable. As parents we are responsible for teaching and disciplining our children just as God teaches and disciplines us.

How does God want you to work on the ways that you speak to him incorrectly? Is he disciplining you and you don't like it? Are you willing to learn from that? What benefit would there be if you'd be willing to die to self and just listen to God as He leads and guides you in your life. All of these elements can give you better hope at winning at home!