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Becoming Obedient to the Instructions of Jesus

  • Cal Thomas Syndicated Columnist
  • Updated Sep 21, 2012
Becoming Obedient to the Instructions of Jesus

What do you think would happen if more people who proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior became obedient to what He taught? I'm serious about this.

What if we loved our enemies and prayed for those who persecute us, cared for widows and orphans, visited people in prison and gave a meal to a person whose pantry is empty -- or better yet, stocked the pantry?

Instead of the attention too many give to the government and politics, what if we focused on Jesus, His kingdom and did His bidding?

As I read the history of revivals, they all begin with a concert of prayer. How many of us pray that God might be glorified and not ourselves? The social benefits were a result of revivals, not the cause. In the end, Paul tells Timothy, there will be terrible times. These are terrible times, but they are not the worst times. Those are yet to come.

What do you think might happen if massive numbers of Christians became obedient to the instructions of Jesus, beginning with "Go and make disciples"?

From the capital of the kingdom of this world, I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: July 19, 2012