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Sadie Robertson Huff Urges Couples to Save Sex for Marriage: It's 'Worth the Wait'

  • Michael Foust Contributor
  • Updated Jun 10, 2022
Sadie Robertson Huff Urges Couples to Save Sex for Marriage: It's 'Worth the Wait'

Christian author and podcast host Sadie Robertson is encouraging couples to wait until marriage before having sex, saying physical intimacy is a gift from God that should be "opened" only as He designed it.

Robertson, 24, said on her podcast Whoa, That's Good that she and her husband Christian made a commitment to purity before they wedd in 2019.

"It really is worth it," she said.

Robertson, during the podcast, answered questions from listeners, including one that asked for guidance about setting "healthy physical boundaries" in dating relationships.

"I would just encourage you: Anytime you open that before it's meant to be open, there tends to be shame, guilt, insecurity, self-doubt, all this stuff," Robertson said of sex. "But within marriage, we found that to be a beautiful gift. And so it's definitely, definitely worth the wait. And you'll see why it's intended for marriage. It's intended for two becoming one."

Responding to young couples who want to marry in order to have sex, Robertson said marriage "is so much bigger than sex."

"Christian and I said all the time, 'We want your plan, God, not our own. We want to see your planning come to life in our relationship.' And part of that was waiting to have sex until we were married. So yes, it feels like a huge deal. And you're like, 'Oh, I just want to get married. I just want to get married.' But just wait, friends."

Robertson encouraged couples to have accountability partners.

She also addressed couples who have fallen short of purity, saying God forgives and extends grace.

"If you've already had sex before, you're not alone," she said. "We had both had pasts before we met each other that were not totally pure. [But] then meeting each other, we decided we wanted to pursue purity together. And so we did."

Robertson's Whoa, That's Good podcast won a K-Love Fan Award last week for Podcast of the Year.


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