Discover the Book - May 23, 2008


How to Really Love Our Mothers


Let Them Make Mistakes

Moms aren't perfect. They fail like we all do. But God is only concerned about two things: your response to His Word and how you finish up. Mary responded wonderfully to God's Word in Luke 1:38. Mary stayed with the Lord to the end Acts 1:14.

Let Them Work Through Their Grief

  • Part of life is pain. Part of motherhood is being so knit to your children their lives pierce yours like a sword.
  • Things never turn out like we think at first they will. Sometimes they get better, sometimes they worsen. We need to live in the refreshing and liberating reality of God's Word.
  • Let's start with the facts. There was no perfect family mentioned in the Bible. Not Mary and Joseph's. No, their boys wanted Jesus done in. Yes, when the heat was on and the leaders were plotting against His life, those brothers sent Him into the fire! (John 7:1-5)
  • Let's stop expectations of perfection. God has seen imperfection in the lives of all His children from Eden onward.

Let Them Live On In Our Words

That is what God does! The wonders of Mary, the devotion of Hannah, the care of Jocobed Moses' mom, all remain in God’s Word. Every time I hear about a mother who faithfully loves her children, prays for them and teaches them about the Lord I am reminded of the influence of a distant life that is touching mine today.

Let Them Know How They Touched Our Lives

Proverbs 31:28 “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…” (NIV)

Think of a way your mother has touched your life. Maybe it is her loving smile, her gentle voice, or the soft yet strong touch of her hands. Can you let her know how her prayers or phone calls or letters have touched you? How about her cooking great meals, sewing those buttons, cleaning your room or always having a loving shoulder to cry on? Surely this is only the start. Rise up and call her blessed!



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