Discover the Book - January 6

You Can Trust God's Science

God has spoken to us in the Bible. He has declared that all Scripture, every word and every detail of the Bible, was given to us, supernaturally through inspiration. Inspiration means God's Word is absolutely trustworthy because it originated from God Himself, and He is the God we can trust.

Perhaps the strongest statement of inspiration is the classic verse in 2 Timothy 3:16. You should note it in your Bible if you do not already know it: "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and Is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness."

God says that His Word offers us four eternally beneficial guideposts:

·        Doctrine-God telling us what is right.

·        Reproof-God showing us where we are wrong.

·        Correction-God explaining to us how to get right with Him.

·        Instruction in righteousness-God teaching us how to stay right with Him.

Even though God has said that all of His Word is true, perhaps the most attacked portions of God's Word are those where God Himself explains the origin of the universe and the origin of mankind.

As we open to Genesis 1, we are in the midst of a look at the absolutely trustworthy Bible that God has written. We each need to have a firm confidence in the Bible. Absolutely, positively you and I hold in our hands and our hearts the very Word God spoke through inspiration to His apostles and prophets. These words God spoke are preserved and recorded in only one book-the Bible. The Bible is God's Word; and the Bible is the Book you can trust.

God's Word Is Accurate Scientifically

God gave a perfect test to verify the authenticity of His Word-the scientific reliability of the Bible. Join me for a brief science lesson from the Bible. We will start with ornithology or bird-science.

We know that birds were created directly and specifically by God. That truth is contained in the only eye-witness account of creation. Genesis 1:21 says, "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good." (KJV).

Our Awesome Creator's fingerprints upon birds can be seen in their amazingly engineered shapes and forms. Each time Jesus drew the attention of His listeners to the sparrows, He was pointing to His handiwork in creation.

Even the lowliest or most common members of the bird family are engineered in a more advanced aerodynamic form than even our newest and most advanced fighter jets. More than that, birds are just one part of the chorus of nature declaring the glory of their Creator. Listen to God speak in Job 12:7-9:

"But now ask the beasts, and they will teach you; and the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you; and the fish of the sea will explain to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this?"

God has declared that the heavens and the earth are involved in a day and night testimony to Him. If you look closely, you will see that there is no way that this world or any of its creatures could have come into existence in any other way than by the finger of God.

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