Live Captures DecembeRadio's On-Stage Intensity

Artist:  DecembeRadio

Title:  Live

Label:  Spring Hill

Welcome to the big rock show ...

One of the most colorful, consistent and colossal rock groups on the road these days is undeniably Virginia-bred rock band DecembeRadio. Not only did the GRAMMY-nominated players turn in two sterling studio CDs accompanied by even more explosive shows, but they've just put the finishing touches on a full-length audio and visual concert collection (each sold separately) to mirror that on-stage intensity, while also sharing an uplifting message with no-holds-barred abandon.

After a behind-the-scenes montage to aptly build the mood for the ensuing show, the group growls through the southern stomper "Powerful Thing," followed by the blistering "Believer" and the inspiring "Love Found Me." After a few more insightful interview segments and a short sneak peek at the tour bus, "Better Man" blows the roof off the experience with its crunching guitars and militant drums. A show preparation segment is particularly enjoyable for die-hard fans wondering what types of antics go on backstage, but the guys prove they're all business when cutting back to the stage for "Live and Breathe" in front of a massive festival crowd.

In fact, the juxtaposition of indoor and outdoor venues from different cities only adds to the excitement of the DVD version, while those who prefer the songs straight through can pop in the CD edition (also perfect for car or iPod enjoyment). No matter what the format, DecembeRadio is arguably the most fiery, faith-based rock'n'roll band of the current generation, crossed with a smoldering old school charm sure to broaden its escalating appeal all the more.


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**This review first published on April 29, 2010.