Nockels Takes Listeners Into the Glorious

Lindsay Williams

Artist: Christy Nockels
Title: Into the Glorious
Label: sixstepsrecords

Nockels’ voice is the showpiece on her sophomore solo effort . . .

On Into the Glorious, her second solo offering, Christy Nockels presents an album with understated production that allows her best gift—her voice—to brilliantly shine. Produced by husband Nathan Nockels (Passion, Phillips, Craig & Dean), the album is oftentimes stripped down completely to just a simple guitar or piano alongside Christy’s stunning vocals.

Many of the songs are co-written between Nockels and her husband, while others find the songstress collaborating with longtime friend Chris Tomlin. She sought Tomlin’s help on album opener “Ever Lifting,” a jubilant cut with a decidedly country bent. It was also Tomlin who encouraged her to cover “Love Will Build a Bridge,” made popular by The Judds. Nockels covers the track with superb professionalism and grace.

The title track is a picture of Nockels’ desire for the ordinary moments in life to be transformed into something unexpected—God’s ultimate plan for us. Two other songs are slightly more unassuming versions of previous recordings first introduced on prior Passion releases: “Waiting Here for You” and “Healing Is in Your Hands.” The original versions contain more grandeur and build than these softer, worshipful counterparts. However, they flow well with the delicate collection of songs gathered here.

“For Your Splendor” draws on the image of a tree rooted in Christ and the sometimes-painful pruning process that’s necessary to bear good fruit. “Be Loved” finds Nockels encouraging listeners to rest in the care of a faithful God; while the gorgeous “Your Love Is Moving,” co-written with Audrey Assad, is a highlight for its lyrical beauty and moving melody.

“Sing Along,” first featured on Passion's White Flag, is another pinnacle. The melody is up-tempo, and the powerful chorus is a made-for-Passion hit. The closing offering, “How I Love You,” is a worshipful ode as Nockels sings, “There is no higher worth in all the Earth/ But to love You, how I love You/ No greater call, no life at all. But to love You, how I love You.”

While there are only a few radio-ready songs here, Into the Glorious, will no doubt be enjoyed by college students who have long followed the Passion movement, moms who can identify with Nockels’ current season in life and fans of authentic singer-songwriters. It will be hard for the unobtrusive passerby to not be captivated by Christy Nockels’ voice. Once you hear her sing, you are a fan for life. Into the Glorious beautifully captures the purity of her gift.