Night Whispers - March 6

Night Whispers Devotional

March 6th

Dream word – DESIRE

Isaiah 26:9a

“With my soul I have desired You in the night, yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early.” NKJV

How’s your sex life?

Do you pray when you get up in the morning? Yes, afore ye face the coming day, do you take the time to kneel and pray?

In a morning, though I do pray for others, I mostly pray for myself, mostly for me and mine. So, with such seeming familial selfishness,  I thought it would be good to examine all of my personal prayers made over the mornings now long since gone. Having done that,  I have found that I can group them under less than a handful of four major headings. Here they are: I first pray for power, then I pray for provision followed by protection and finally, for presence.

I pray for power! Power to be healed of my infirmities that seem to increase exponentially as I get older! Power to be delivered from my demons and my long besetting sins. Power for God to come and change relationships, maybe even me, maybe. Occasionally I pray for power, that I might in all my daily circumstances display the Father’s glory. Oh yes, I like a bit of justifying grandeur to be mixed with my all my personal ponderings. I, you see, pray for power!

I pray for provision. I pray for my daily bread and a whole lot more to put in my large refrigerator and freezer. I pray for chunks of money to feed the barking bills. I pray for postal miracles, I pray for money in the mail. My wife prays for the same! For sure, I pray for strength for the coming day but mostly I pray for money, materials and manpower. I pray for provision.

I pray for protection. For after all, if God does answer my increasingly necessary but ever boring prayers, I don’t want these good answers stolen from me at the last, I don’t want to receive them with trouble added on the end. I need to at least cover all my bases of possible loss. Yes, I pray for protection. Panic prayer insurance is surely a very good thing to have?

Finally, I pray for presence and believe it or not, this brings me onto the question of my sex life, indeed of your sex life. You see, on those occasions when I have been thoroughly examined by my local doctor, even just verbally so, he has always questioned me about my libido, or rather, if there is any lack of it. When this question has been asked of me over a visit to him regarding anything other than my genitals, it has always left me with a stunned look on my face. “Eh? What on earth did you ask that for?” In addition to the stunned look, I have to be honest that my response has never been the whole truth. “Yeah fine Doc! No problems in that department, no siree. Phew praise God!” Lier.

The doctor of course, in questioning my prowess in the bedroom is looking at sexual desire as a sign of physical health. If I am ill, then the power of my desire is often re-routed into fighting disease, overcoming anxiety, or repairing the body. From a doctors point of view, him questioning the function of my libido is simply a fault finding question to discover indicators of failing health. Which believe it or not, brings me back to spiritual desire and especially to my prayers of presence.

It is too easy to begin the day with God and then forget Him for the rest of it. When my prayers for His manifest presence in my day, is nothing but a quick tag line hooked onto the other guff, then my desire for Him is low, my desire for Him is waning, my spiritual libido is not functioning as it should, indeed, I am spiritually sick.

So, let me ask you tonight my dear friend, how is your spiritual sex life? Is everything OK in the spiritual bedroom department my friend? Oh really? Do you desire Him?! If everything else was stripped away, would you still want Him? Do you long for Him tonight? Will you seek Him all your day tomorrow? Indeed, will you count your day an utter failure if you cannot feel His kind caress, enjoy His presence over a cup of coffee, or see His face amongst the milling crowd? How’s your spiritual sex life tonight?

If you are too tired for desire and frankly, that’s the usual cause amongst us Christians, simple hard pressed tiredness, even exhaustion, then you need to refocus the use of your time, change your diet and get to bed earlier. It’s as profound and as practical as that.  If however, you have no desire for Him whatsoever and frankly never really had, then you are very simply, a user and an abuser of God, just a spiritual morning masturbator. Your prayers have been prayers of provision, protection, power and prostitution. Nothing else. There has been no relationship in them whatsoever.

Let us change our ways. Let us re-order our prayer patterns and on the morrow, let us choose to desire His presence. Let us begin, to court our God once more, in pursuing, desiring and dedicated,  adoring relationship.

Listen: “I have not spoken in secret, In a dark place of the earth; I did not say to the seed of Jacob, 'seek Me in vain'.” Isaiah 45:19 NKJV

Pray: Lord, You have said, “Seek me and live!” Lord, You have said “You will find Me when you seek me with all your heart.” So with all my heart and mind and will, I decide to desire You. In the coming days O Lord, surprise my choice by adding the glow of passionate fires! Amen.

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