Abiding Above - March 10, 2014

Starting Over With God-Part 6

March 10, 2014


We cannot change the past but we can make lasting changes. Let me ask you, “How would you describe your spiritual life right now? Where would you say you are spiritually?”  Jesus said that we can have an abundant life. There is a life to live on this earth that is an abundant life, but sometimes as Christians we get off track. This does not mean we loose our salvation; we get out of fellowship and communion with God and were not exercising faith. You see our position is that we are crucified with Christ. We must simply believe this. Our power to walk by faith even though we are afraid is the Holy Spirit. But listen, it is by faith that we are to rely on Him and that we believe what God’s word has to say…that I am crucified with Christ. You and I, when we walk by faith, what we are in Christ becomes a reality and an experience as we walk by faith.

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