Materialists are Bad at Relationships - Every Man Ministries - May 26

Materialist are Bad at Relationships

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? - Mark 8:36

My Mercedes and my money can’t give me a laugh, hug or cry or be hurt by my stupidity. Things are safe to love because they require no character but unsafe for your soul because they are soulless, so don’t worship things or become more concerned about them.  Don’t worship things or become more concerned about money and things you own or (don’t) than God.  Ask; am I in bondage to credit card bills? Am I tithing regularly, Am I being generous? Am I trying to impress others with what I drive or wear? Am I being a good steward of God’s money? Am I obsessing over a toy? This is a heart adjustment, clean your carburetor.

Hedonists are bad at relationships because they pimp people, seeing them ultimately as objects of achieving self-gratification. Nobody I have ever known enjoys being prostituted for someone else’s high. Don’t worship “feeling,” or physical sensations or risky behaviors, because, if you do, you will end up addicted to something and enslaved to it. Satan wants your God to become the reward center called the Ventral Tegmental area of your brain which releases dopamine. This is an emotional intimacy adjustment. Change your oil.

Satan is a crooked mechanic, always suggesting things that we don’t really need or that will disrupt our absolutely necessary relationship with God. Our antidote is thinking about the goodness of God and how we can show our gratitude for it. Don’t get sucked in by the crooked mechanic.

Father, thank you that you hide my sin and provide a way to defeat it.