Passion - Every Man Ministries - November 8


I was watching the Golf Channel the other day and they were saying that the professionals will hit up to a thousand practice balls almost daily. It is amazing to me the effort that one puts into something that they really want.  I recently bought a golf cart. I live in a golf cart community. I knew because of being in my retirement years I would have to come up with extra cash, either by working a few more hours on my part time job and or cut back on some of the other things that I enjoyed on a daily basis. To my surprise I found, because of my desire, I achieved what was needed for my golf cart in a fraction of the time I anticipated.

There are several things we can draw from in the previous paragraph. First, is desire which is driven by our feelings, the emotional want to. Second the intellect, thinking through the strategy of how our desires will be attained and third is the will, the determination to get through the tough parts or the sacrifice that comes from attaining something of value.

 I am reminded again that in my time with the Lord I’m not just hitting a number of practice balls (the will), or thinking through corrections to my swing. (Intellect), but looking at the intensity of emotion evidenced in God’s love for me.  What he did and is doing for me, claiming the promises he has made me, claiming the Identity he has given me; unless this is happening, the Christian life is not a blessing but turns into an effort. Think on God’s love and you will find a blessed and thankful life. There is power in the passion of God’s love for you.

Thank you Father, for the gift of intellect, of will and last but not least, the power of passion!