The Journey - March 27, 2015

The Journey with Ron Moore

Surrounded | Psalm 60:6-12

Todayís Passage: Psalm 60:6-12
Key Verses: Psalm 60:11-12

Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.

Psalm 60 was a song David used for teaching the Israelites that God was the only source of help and strength. Without God we are vulnerable and exposed (see yesterdayís devotional for the historical setting of this psalm).

Enemies surrounded Israel. Aram was the threat from the north, Ammon and Moab from the east, Edom and Amalek from the south, and Philistia from the west. Wherever Israel looked, an enemy was waiting for an opportunity to invade and destroy. David knew that vulnerabilities would always be exposed unless God provided protection and deliverance.

The same is true for us. Our enemies ó the world, the flesh and the devil ó seek to destroy us. The world calls us to forsake God. The flesh calls us to please ourselves. The devil seeks to destroy our confidence in God. Wherever we look an enemy is waiting for an opportunity to invade and destroy. On our own we will fall, but God will trample down our enemies. With God ìwe will gain the victory.î

Father, I am surrounded by enemies intent on destroying me and I am vulnerable. I depend on you to trample down my enemies. I depend on you to give the victory. Lord, donít let me be so foolish as to go into battle without you. I want to stay by your side every day. In Jesusí name. Amen.

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