Pearls of Grace - February 11

February 11

A Heart of Purpose

"But Daniel made up his mind that he would not defile himself."

Daniel 1:8

There’s an old saying; "if you don’t stand for something, you’ll for anything". A heart that has purposed within itself beforehand not to defile itself will have greater success in the battle field of holiness than that heart that had not purpose at all. It is our predetermined standards that will keep us within our boundaries when beckoned to wander. The callings and opportunities to wander are always present but the opportunity for holiness is not. Daniel was spiritually successful to withstand even the most challenging of circumstances because he had made up his mind ahead a time that he would not defile himself. The desires of the heart will determine the plan that is laid out. Daniel had a heart to be pleasing to God in every respect so he planned ahead to ensure that he would have success in this. Failure is almost eminent when there is no planning ahead.

Securing our future is a very wise decision. It’s a God principal to plan ahead! Not to be confused with making our own plans but planning ahead for our future such as; where will we spend eternity, what crowns do we want to have to lay at the feet of Jesus in honor of Him, how do I want to spend each day that God has given me to be the most fruitful for His Kingdom and the big one; how should I live each day to ensure that when I come to the end of my life I have no regrets. These are all good plans to have beloved because they are wise in their reasoning. Are you planning ahead spiritually? Are you planning for spiritual success against the evil that war against your soul? Are your training your mind to become like Christ by washing it with the water of the Word of God? Preparation is vital to any child of God. Without it we will surely fail.

Recognizing our weaknesses to fail is the beginning step to planning ahead. It’s when we think we are strong that we are most vulnerable to fall. Daniel understood the weakness of his flesh, the power of the heart to deceive, the lust of the eyes to stray and so he made up his mind, he purposed in his heart. He made the decision to say no ahead of time before he ever arrived to the place of temptation. And because he had already decided his answer to be "no", he knew ahead of time where he would go and where he would not go, what he would do and what he would not do, what he would eat and not eat, what he would partake of and not partake of. Decisions made in advance will leave no room for confusion in our choices later. A purposeful heart will have great success because it knows where it wants to end up!

Have you made up your mind beloved one? Are you sure and immovable in your decision to be pure and holy? Is there an area that you have not made up your mind about that could potentially hurt you down the road? Plans made today determine tomorrow’s destination.

I have purposed in my heart not to sin against Thee.

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