Pearls of Grace - May 28

May 28

The Cradle Of Sovereignty

“He said, "Take now your son, your only son, whom you love…"

Genesis 22:2

In God’s circle of power, the way of obedience is the way of blessing.  This was a principle Abraham knew all too well.  He had already stepped outside of that boundary in the past and suffered tremendous consequences.   I read of a story once of a noted English preacher by the name of William Sangster, (1900-1960), the English preacher, who went to make a hospital visit to a young girl who was losing her sight.  He arrived at the hospital at a time when the doctors were struggling in vain to keep her from becoming blind. With sadness she said to him, "God is going to take away my sight."  The pastor listened intently but at first made no reply. Then he answered compassionately, "Don't let Him, Jessie, give it to Him." "I don't understand," she responded. So he explained, “Give your sight to God as your gift to Him.  This is what surrender does, it gives long before God ever takes.” 

It’s much like sweet Sophia Grace, my precious little granddaughter who is only 3 months old at the writing of this devotion.  I was cradling her in my arms during a thunderstorm with torrential rains coming down in the night.  She remained nestled in my arms unalarmed at what was raging outside.  Her rest was completely undisturbed because she had absolute trust in the one who was holding her.  She didn’t know any better!  It’s the same way with us, precious daughter of God.  We can lay our head down and all that has bombarded it from the troubles of the world and rest securely in His arms of love and protection.  We can journey through the most violent of storms and have no fear because we are confident in the One who holds us. 

When we are confident in the One who is holding us, then we will have no trouble surrendering everything to Him.  Even when God calls for something beyond our ability to let go of, we can, in full faith, ask Him to take it from our grip.  In love, God searches out our hearts longing to have all of us. 

A surrendered heart keeps no reserves.

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For more from Pam Jenkins and Jabbok Ministries, please visit!

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