Dave's Daily Devo - October 7

Stay on the Path

Proverbs 2:7-8


We had been out in the High Peak region of the Adirondacks since Friday celebrating my middle son Joel’s fortieth birthday with his two brothers. He chose to climb both Little and Big Haystack on Saturday.  On Sunday morning, after eating breakfast and tearing down our campsite, we started hiking back to the trailhead. About half way back Josh, my youngest son, was leading the way. Johns Brook was to our right and periodically the trail took a turn toward the river. At times the path was right in the river as we stepped from stone to stone. Josh thought it was one of those turns, but it wasn’t. It was deceptive. There were boot prints indicating that many had walked that way before.

On the right trail your boots get plenty wet (no worry about water in the Adirondacks, it’ everywhere) but they don’t bury themselves in a hole filled with mud. When one of his trusty, old leather hiking boots disappeared in the muck, he knew immediately we had missed the trail. He turned us back and about three miles later we were safely at my pickup truck. All those red and sometimes yellow trail markers guided us safely up and back.

The Adirondack Trail Improvement Society was founded in 1897, so they have been putting up those markers and maintaining the trails in the New York mountains for a long time, but not as long as the LORD has been marking and maintaining life trails for us. In Proverbs 2, when his son asks his dad why it’s so important to stay on the trails the LORD has provided, he writes,

“For those who want to live straight He stores up competency. He’s a shield to those who walk in integrity. He guards the life path of those who apply His standards. He’ll protect the way of those who are devoted to Him.” - Proverbs 2:7-8

LORD, thanks for the shield You provided not only in the mountains but during the 3442 mile drive from Midlothian to Keene Valley, New York, and back. Thanks for the incredible time with my sons, and now that I’m in the flat land, help me follow Your path and stay out of the mud.

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