Somebody Loves You - June 30, 2018

SATURDAY June 30, 2018

Edify the Uninformed

Otherwise, if you bless with the spirit, how will he who occupies the place of the uninformed say “Amen” at your giving of thanks, since he does not understand what you say? For you indeed give thanks well, but the other is not edified.
1 Corinthians 14:16-17

Paul spoke about the non-believer, the uninformed, being present among believers in the Church of Corinth. If a believer used the gift of tongues, that was good for them, but what about those among them who did not understand? They were not being built up. So what should they do? They needed to use the gift of tongues in private.

In the Church today, it is important that these spiritual gifts should be used in an afterglow service, in a small crowd, or at home, privately.  We should not exercise the gift of tongues in front of non-believers, because they do not understand the things of God; they will think we are crazy! 

If Christians use the gift of tongues while non-believers are present, they will not know what is happening. It will tear them down; it will not build them up.  Non-believers will become suspicious, thinking, “What is this?”  It could discourage them from coming to know Christ, so we need to be careful.

However, if prophecy is exercised, while the Word of God is being taught, a backslidden person or a non-believer will understand. The Holy Spirit will convict them and bring them to repentance. They will understand everything that is being spoken and will come to a place of agreeing with what is said––amen to that!

Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord! Be all thy graces now out-poured on the believer's mind and soul, to strengthen, save, and make us whole.
~Martin Luther~

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