Somebody Loves You - September 3, 2018

MONDAY September 3, 2018

Called of God

...the Lord called Samuel. And he answered, “Here I am!”
1 Samuel 3:4

The Book of 1 Samuel begins with a summary of the life and work of the prophet Samuel. In order, he was known as the last of the judges and the first of the prophets. Samuel was considered to be one of the greatest figures of Israel’s history between Moses and David. Many people do not see the beautiful picture of Samuel as a leader. He was just a common, regular, young boy when God began to speak to him.

Samuel’s name in Hebrew means “asked of God.” He was asked of the Lord through prayer, and he became a miracle baby. He did not even know how God was going to use his life. God rose Samuel up, not to defend the nation, but to become a proclaimer to the nation––a witness.

God was no longer speaking to Eli the priest. He was not in tune with God because his whole household was out of order––his sons were acting as heathens. The priestly leadership in Israel was corrupt, and great consequences and tragedy would befall the nation.

When fathers do not take the leadership of their homes, their children will become weak leaders themselves. Children need to grow up with prayer and godly leadership in their home. If they have never been taught how to lead in a godly way, then they will not know how to guide and lead their homes in godliness––through prayer and the Word. They have to have good role models to follow in their homes.

Are you a good role model in your home for your children to follow? Do you daily pray with them? The one day when God calls to them,  they will answer.

Set your children a good example. … Many parents preach to their children but do not set a good example.
~Billy Graham~

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