One to Watch: The Swift

Band 411:  Britt Edwards—26 (piano, lead vocals); Mike Simons—21 (bass, vocals); Chris Byers—26 (guitar); Trae Drose—24 (drums)
Home State:  North Carolina
Road Rules:  The Swift recently completed a leg on the fall “Festival con Dios” tour and can be seen next spring touring with Audio Adrenaline and MercyMe on the “Go Show” tour.
Name Change:  Until this year the band was known as Puddleglum—a name taken from The Silver Chair of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series.  According to Edwards, “Bands with weird names are a lot of times associated with hardcore bands.”  The new name was Simons’ idea.  On the Puddleglum album, Strange (2000), Simons and Edwards recorded a hidden track, which was attributed to “The Swift.”  So, when the band needed a new name, the guys didn’t have to look far.
Goal:  To raise the bar for other Christian artists.  “When you do a concert, there’s only so much ministry you can do,” Edwards says.  “The Lord has always led us to do more retreats and camps and spend more time with the people.  I don’t necessarily think that Christian music has lost its focus; I just think that as a band and as ministers, we need to make sure we’re making more of an impact than just leading a devotion and praying.”
Walking the Walk:  The Swift plans to make contact with youth leaders during the spring tour and then spend the rest of the year attending those leaders’ churches and performing concerts, engaging in Disciple Now weekend retreats and teaching seminars.  Says Edwards, “Hopefully we can use our music as a hook and bait to get in there and do something.”

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