Six Things the Lord Hates Part III - Integrity Moments - May 21

Six Things the Lord Hates Part III

In 1980, the Kansas City firefighters went on strike. It was a very contentious strike that led to several suspicious fires that some believed were set by firefighters.

One evening my neighbor and I drove by the scene of a nearby fire in a newly built nursing home. With few firefighters to help, my neighbor and I joined many others to start wheeling out patients to safety.

Across the street we spied a firefighter we knew who was gleefully watching the fire. Although it was never proved, I believe this firefighter devised the wicked plan that risked many lives.

Proverbs 6 says, “There are six things which the Lord hates,” including, “a heart that devises wicked plans.”

In God’s eyes, no slight or disagreement is worthy of devising wicked plans.

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