Praying the Psalms - Forward with Back to the Bible - April 27

Praying the Psalms

Read Psalm 107:28-30

"'Lord, help!' they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as he brought them safely into harbor!" (NLT)


Why do you suppose the Psalms are a go-to place for prayer? Which Psalm is your favorite? (Why?)

Praying the Psalms is one of the most powerful things we can do to dissolve our worries and grow in our relationship with the Lord. As we focus on God's Word and learn to pray Scripture, we end up exchanging worldly lies for rock-solid truth.

The Book of Psalms is known as the songbook of Scripture--there's 150 in all--and it's right in the heart of the Bible. Although we no longer have the original music to accompany each piece, they've been sung for thousands of years a cappella and with instruments. In addition to the songs and poems found here, the Book of Psalms is Scripture's go-to place for prayer. Whether we're in trouble and need the Lord to intervene or we want to offer up praise for the good things God has done, so many of our needs are expressed here.

According to scholars, there are twelve different types of psalms. Here's how they are official identified: (1) prayers of the individual, (2) praise from the individual for God's saving help, (3) prayers of the community, (4) praise from the community for God's saving help, (5) confessions of confidence in the Lord, (6) hymns in praise of God's majesty and virtues, (7) hymns celebrating God's universal reign, (8) songs of Zion, the city of God, (9) royal psalms--by, for or concerning the king, the Lord's anointed, (10) pilgrimage songs, (11) liturgical songs, and (12) didactic--instructional--songs.

Among the collections of prayers are different categories, including prayers of adoration and praise, confessions, laments, appeals for protection, as well as joyful expressions of supplication and thanksgiving.

In the days ahead, pick a Psalm, study it, and make it your prayer. 


Lord, I admit that I've been in despair and fear, my heart disturbed within me. I want to hope in You, for with the help of Your presence and Your Spirit, I will again praise You! I praise You for Your mighty power and mighty works! Amen.

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