One to Watch: George Rowe

George Rowe has closed his case on being a lawyer, switching his practice to that of a full-time singer — quite notable for a person who, at one time, had difficulty understanding why anyone would even want to hear him sing. At Pepperdine University in California, he began to gain insight when he won a school talent contest with his take on “It Is Well With My Soul.” He made such an impression on faculty members that he was asked to sing it again at the funeral of Mrs. Pepperdine, exposing him to local luminaries and, in a soberingly ironic twist, setting his eventual career change in motion. Now relocated in Nashville with his wife, Merritt, and three young children, Rowe is in full swing to support his smooth R&B pop debut for Rocketown Records, "Think About That."

CCM:  Just how difficult was it to quit a day job to pursue music full time with a family to support?

GR:  It was exciting, fun, cool and scary. My wife and I agreed to make a step of faith, and many family members and friends are behind us and see this as a ministry.

CCM:  Are you worried that, as a working musician, you will not be around as much for your family?

GR:  Scheduling is important, and my wife will be like a single mom at times. When I tour I will be away for two or three weeks; but then I am home for two, three, four, five weeks, which allows for more time together. At my [previous] day job, I left before the children woke up and was back only a bit before they went to bed. I am actually home more now.

CCM:  What are you hoping to accomplish as an artist?

GR:  I would like to pay the bills [laughs], but I am not looking to be a platinum-selling artist or live the high life. That would not be natural for my wife and me. I hope that people “dig” the music and get something out of the message.

CCM:  Does the fact that you are not a 20-something rookie artist give you pause?

GR:  I am 33, and I do worry about being able to connect with younger people. I also worry about having the physical stamina, although I take care to stay in shape. I am really leaving it all to God and His providence.

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