Moya Brennan's "Two Horizons" - Aromatherapy for Your Stereo

Janet Chismar

Artist:    Moya Brennan
Label:   Decca

Need a quick escape in the middle of a noise-filled, stress-laden day? Pop "Two Horizons" into your disc player, close your eyes and journey to a land of mystical moors and ancient Irish castles. Possessing one of the most unique voices in world music, Moya (Maire) Brennan has rewarded Celtic fans with another haunting, melancholy release.

Longtime vocalist with the group Clannad, Brennan faces frequent — and sometimes less than favorable — comparisons to her sister, Enya. But on "Two Horizons," Brennan trumps her famous sibling. Tapping into her gift for romantic, historical songwriting, she unabashedly celebrates the beauty of the Irish harp, weaving together a series of songs showcasing the ancient instrument. The release is beautifully produced, featuring rich vocals and intricate instrumentation. Standout tracks include “Sailing Away,” a lilting melody that evokes the sense of going through stormy as well as peaceful times, and the ethereal sounding “Show Me.” The drum beat-heavy “Mothers of the Desert” also is mesmerizing.

"Two Horizons" is not overtly worshipful in its lyrical composition; yet, the quiet melodies certainly can lead listeners into a reflective, prayerful state. In the accompanying bio, Brennan says she wanted to leave “a certain amount to the imagination.” She does. This is quality music performed by a woman of faith. While Iona's "Journey Into the Morn" (also featuring Brennan’s vocal stylings) remains a personal favorite in this genre, "Two Horizons" follows close behind.

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