Nicole C. Mullen -- "Talk About It"

2001's big Dove Award winner, including for Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year, returns with a brand-new album on Aug. 28 called Talk About It. Nicole C. Mullen's self-titled release was an album that represented staying true to one's roots. Nicole sang and spoke about the influence her family's faith has had on her, she was free to speak about the life-changing power of Jesus and -- have you had a chance to hear this lady quote Scripture? Wow! I have never seen someone who appears to be so comfortable in her own skin. The new album, Talk About It, is not just a collection of 11 songs, it's a story. One song builds off of the other. Promise me that when you buy this album, you'll make yourself listen to it all the way through without stopping it. Because in each lyric, in each vocal riff, in the laughter of children, in the power of verse, Nicole C. Mullen tells us the story of redemption.

The one thing that Nicole could have tried to do was make this an album of Redeemer sequels, but she doesn't. There are three powerful ballads that will no doubt be huge hits at radio. And you will be inspired by these songs, but this album goes much deeper than a "power" ballad.

The song Baby Girl is a song of affirmation for women who have gone through life without a father or being a single mom. It's a beautiful reminder that God has your back! Black Light is the best play on words I have heard in a long time. It's a song about unity and the pursuit of being a strong leader. Although it uses images that are rooted in the Civil Rights movement, whether you're black, white, red, yellow or pink, you can learn something from the words and the importance of being a light.

Throughout Talk About It there are short intervals of verse, spoken word, a stomp routine and a long prayer with Nicole's children at the end. These short moments add to the flavor of the album. They give you a small taste of her life and her commitment to Christ.

Nicole has written and co-produced an album that has the potential to cross borders and move a nation to bear Witness of its faith. This album has influence from the gospel and pop world, a little bluesy attitude and a touch of "diva-ism." It's a little difficult to describe without giving away the entire project. Believe me, it's good ... just go buy it.

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Grade: A