ASU returns

Ian Eskelin's name shows up a ton these days in production and songwriting credits (Stellar Kart, Francesca Battistelli, Krystal Meyers), but his primary home is still leader of All Star United. The group just self-released its sixth studio CD The Good Album to somewhat under the radar status. "We keep making All Star records because it keeps us sane," Eskelin writes on the band's MySpace page. "Writing and producing for other artists is a very different thing from saying what you personally really want to say in the way you really want to say it. Making an ASU record means we don't have to hold anything back. That means a lot of guitars and a lot of satire, and a whole lot of fun."

Red rumblings

Alternative rockers Red had their 2006 single "Pieces" end up in the trailer for The Blind Side (starring Sandra Bullock, Kathy Bates and Tim McGraw). The band's guitarist and primary songwriter Jasen Rauch also inked a co-writing credit on the new Breaking Benjamin song "I Will Not Bow," which can be heard in the trailer for Bruce Willis' new action movie Surrogates.

Creation tour line-up cemented

The summer festival season may be officially over, but the spirit lives on as

Creation Festival: The Tour kicks off September 14 in Nashville. The lineup for the marathon concert was just cemented to include headliners Jars of Clay, Thousand Foot Krutch and Audio Unplugged (featuring Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss from Audio Adrenaline). Newcomers include soul/hip-hop newcomer B. Reith, alternative rockers This Beautiful Republic, pop/rock band FM Static and Pastor Harry Thomas as speaker.

Rap in the name of love

Burgeoning rapper Jaeson Ma previously worked for MC Hammer, but has since moved on to a life of ministry and personal music making. He just debuted a new single called "Love" on both iTunes and YouTube as a testimony to his entire time in the music industry thus far, coupled with a confirmation of God's unconditional love for everyone.

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