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Cut the Rope
  - iPhone/iPad

This game, simply put, is really fun. It's a physics game where you cut ropes attached to candy in order to swing them into stars and ultimately into Om Nom's mouth. Om Nom is a cute little character with a big appetite for candy that waits hungrily at the bottom of the screen for you to cut the rope at just the right time. What's even better is that there is a high definition version for the iPad! The best way to gift this game (or any iPhone/iPad game) is to buy your loved ones an iTunes gift card at a local retailer (just about anywhere).

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Dixit & Dixit 2
- Board Game

The first Dixit was released in 2008 with the expansion, Dixit 2, released this year. Dixit is a fantastic family game where players bluff their way to victory by using colorfully painted tiles full of zany images. Each turn a player chooses a painting tile from their hand and selects a word or phrase that explains the tile in some way. If you can get one person to guess your tile, but no more than one, you and your wooden bunny marker will be on the way to victory.

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*This Review First Published 12/2/2010